If you're searching for the right words to describe or explain something that's important to you, I can help. I bring over 35 years of writing and communications experience to your next editing job.

Throughout my career, I've been recognized for my writing skills, whether I've written about business, technology, healthcare, science, software, construction, or martial arts. My writing and editing skills have contributed significantly to the success of my employers and my clients, by helping them to look good, sound professional, deliver their messages effectively, and attract new customers and business.

Simply put, I help individuals, companies, and organizations to express themselves clearly and eloquently.

Here's a partial list of businesses and groups that have hired me in the past to help them with their writing or editing:


Lotek Wireless Inc.
Aecon Group Inc.
Campbell Company of Canada
DynaSCAPE Software Corporation
Three O Project Solutions Inc.
Coyote Software Corporation
eBridge Connections
Rise Vision Inc.
TTUFF Technologies
Rise Healthware Inc.

Charities & Community Organizations

Access Counselling and Family Services
Canadian Friends of Finland
Association of Ontario Health Centres
Toronto Tai Chi Association

Why choose me ...

... instead of an automated editing service?

Algorithms are getting more sophisticated all the time, and there are plenty of tasks that you can now safely trust to a robot, true. But creativity is still not one of them. For example, I do trust my phone to organize my music for me, and to make interesting recommendations about other music that I might also like. But I wouldn't trust it to actually make that music for me. That just can't be automated; you still need humans to do the composition. That's because a good part of what touches you when you hear a great song is heart. Humans have 'em; robots don't.

Similarly, you can trust software to do a certain basic level of proofreading for you. The algorithms for checking spelling and identifying obvious grammatical errors are fairly competent nowadays. But identifying awkward phrasings? Ambiguous wordings? Clunky meter? Unfocused arguments? Unconvincing descriptions? Inconsistencies in tone? Missing conclusions? The way the writing makes the reader feel? You need humans to find things like that in a document and to correct them elegantly.

As I describe on this page (under "How I Edit"), I edit to make documents error-free, crystal-clear, and easy to read. An automated editing service may be able to do a decent first-pass job on the first of those goals, but certainly not the others.

... instead of a bigger editing company?

The editing service provided on this website is done by me alone.

The advantages of this are:

  • that you'll always be dealing with the same person;
  • that you'll always get the same high quality of work;
  • that I'll get to know you and your company personally; and therefore,
  • that you'll always get a "personal touch" level of communication and service from me.

Large editing teams and companies have their place of course, but my "boutique" service will appeal more to those companies and organizations that want that personal touch in their dealings with their editor, and don't want to be lost in the crowd with a bigger, perhaps less personal service.

... instead of your company's own internal resources?

If you have writers or editors on staff, you won't need me unless they're swamped and need some help. But if your company's collective skill set does not include professional-level copy writing, then your best strategy may be to have your own experts write the first draft of your content, and then run it by me for final proofreading and polish.


Want to judge for yourself? Try my editing service for free.