About me

I'm a copywriter, technical writer, and editor based in Toronto, Canada. You can find more information about my career on my LinkedIn profile, and examples of my copy & technical writing (and other creative work) on this website.

When I worked as a marketing manager, my employers trusted me to make sure that all of their external communications went out error-free, polished, and with a clear and consistent voice. "Run it by Frank before it goes out" was often the last step in their preparation of all messages intended for the public.

Over 35 years of business writing experience

I've developed different creative skills over the years, including web design, video production, photography, and graphic design. But I've always been a writer.

I began writing publicly as the editor of my high school's newspaper. In university, I wrote about botany and cell biology. And during the past 35+ years of my career in marketing, I've written almost every type of public-facing content imaginable, including:

  • website copy
  • video scripts
  • corporate profiles
  • mission statements
  • software documentation
  • brochure copy
  • product sheets
  • news releases
  • case studies
  • business correspondence
  • newsletters
  • blog posts
  • ad copy
  • company slogans
  • user manuals
  • direct mail copy
  • letters to the editor
  • promotional children’s book

Recently, I also had a one-year contract as the Senior Writer, Technical Communications for one of Canada's largest construction companies, where my role was primarily to edit the company's official documents (policies, standard operating procedures, and work instructions) before they were published.